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The Big 5 Workshop, June 21-23

Friday through Sunday, 10am-3:30pm, $190. For ages 17+. Space is limited. For questions or to register please contact: jcarey2251@aol.com.
Students should bring a one minute contemporary monologue to the first class.

Internationally recognised acting teacher Julia Carey is offering an acting workshop at the Celtic Junction!

The workshop teaches five essential truths about acting that are the results of 30 years research and practice combining the psycho/physical elements of the actor’s process and the intuitive/spiritual aspects of the actors work. If you are a professional actor wishing to review and refresh you skills or a student with an interest in acting this workshop can help you.

The elements for study are:

  • Acting as a physical sport
  • The off-stage life
  • The dominance of thought during conversations
  • The movie in your head
  • Internal versus external

  • These elements contain a combination of diagnostic work on acting problems with proven technical exercises that bring measurable results. The workshop is designed for acting on stage but the elements translate easily from stage to screen and students have discovered that their auditions result in more bookings when the techniques are applied. 

    Prior to moving to New York where she taught at NYU Grad Film and produced successfully on 42nd Street, Julia was the Artistic Director of the critically acclaimed Theatre Exchange in Minneapolis from 1988 - 1992 where she built a strong acting ensemble and produced some 16 American premieres of work by artists such as Caryl Churchill, Mike Leigh and Steven Berkoff. She has spent the last 4 years in her native U.K. where she has been producing, directing and acting and has been the Head of Acting and Head of Film and Television at the prestigious GSA at the University of Surrey. 

    'Bring your ‘A’ game to Julia’s class because she doesn’t mess about. She really gets to the core of the moment. Her class is wonderful. You can feel the changes in your work immediately both emotionally and technically. It has been a joy working with her.' -Rene Brna (Star of Coram Boy, Broadway)

    ‘I have been playing the role of Mimi in the Broadway show Rent for several years. Since taking Julia’s class I found new levels to the character with each performance. I have discovered the art of being in a scene rather than performing it. It is an awesome lesson to have learned. Using the techniques from the class I have booked an episode of Six Degrees and a lead in the film ‘Rescue Me’. -Karmine Alers (Star of Rent, Broadway)

    'I have never worked with a teacher so in tune with the actor as Julia. Whether it is script breakdown, character development, imagery, subtext, Julia encompasses it all. She gives it to you straight, no sugar coating or hand holding. She wants you to be your best and knows exactly how to get you there. I love her to death and hope to be lucky enough to study with her for the rest of my career. If you want the best, Julia is it. Period.' -Don Money (Feature Films: Dog and Butterfly. I am Legend. The Minority. Hung by a Thread. T.V. Justin Morse, War of the Dead, Rob Emerson, As the World Turns)

    ‘The work I have done with Julia is priceless. My biggest concern was finding a teacher who did not wish to indoctrinate me into a method but would help me sustain the truthfulness in my acting. The most beneficial part of her class is that you continue to grow with the process long after it is over. Since taking her class I have booked Law and Order, The Wire and the lead in the motion picture Pop Foul.' -Sekou Laidlow (Actor NYC)

    'Julia Carey’s classes are vital for anyone passionate about acting. She has the power to open the door to dynamic, truthful acting. Julia is Ingmar Bergman and Frederico Fellini rolled into one amazing woman. No wonder two continents want her!’ -James Rana (Royal Shakespeare Company, Classical Theater of Harlem, Ensemble Studio Theater, Law and Order, The War Within, The Assassin.)