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Best Cultural Center in North America –IrishCentral, 2018

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Sheralyn Barnes

The biggest obstacle in my early years was the small town where I was from. To my memory, everything seemed to be colored beige and art instruction was just not a priority. So I did my best to emulate the artist's life. I spent most of my time in my room keeping company with my fish, becoming paler by the day. I challenged myself to draw anything I could find. Most note worthy were the eleven drawings I made of a photo of Han Solo in Teen Magazine until it looked like him. Many thanks to George Lucas. I owe most of my drawing skills to him.

Jump forward to now. I no longer live in my bedroom, but instead have a studio where I hide. I do try to get out occasionally and play with others. National Geographic has replaced Teen Magazine and not only is my reading material full of colorful people and places, so is my life..

As you can see by my site, I am an artist who likes variety. I live for the ethereal moments that I experience in this great pool of life as much as the whimsical moment's I experience in the kiddie pool of my imagination. I have been advised in the past to limit myself to one style, but I can no more do this than I can limit myself to one kind of food to eat or one style of music. The world we live in is teeming with variety and spice and I am proud to reflect this as an artist..