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Patty's Pottery

Covered bowl and mug








I create mostly one-of-a-kind, functional pottery. I use interlacing knotwork and spiral patterns as a decorative element to my wheel-thrown porcelain vessels. The choice to make decorative, functional pottery is a reflection of my faith that God can shape us into beautiful and useful people.

Interlacing knotwork and spiral patterns are seen throughout many parts of the world and are common among many different cultures. Most of what we think of today as "Celtic" knotwork, is really an amalgamation of designs from various cultures created by medieval monks while illuminating manuscripts. We don't really know what the original designs may have meant, but today interlacing knotwork has come to symbolize the interconnectedness of life. This is one of the reasons why I am attracted to using these designs in my work. For me, the designs connect us to our past and to other cultures.

Patty's ceramics are featured in the glass display case in the lobby.