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Celtic Junction Arts Center

Best Cultural Center in North America –IrishCentral, 2018

836 Prior Avenue, St. Paul, MN, 55104

A 501(c)(3) organization

Nick Lethert

I expect questions will arise concerning the meaning of these prints, or their relevance to Celtic culture in the context of the grand opening of this beautiful space.

I’m at a loss to explain why I make them, or how they relate, but my current theory is that they may have had an origin way back when I was an altar boy down the street at St. Marks. I never learned what the Latin I was reciting on the altar meant, yet it seemed to make more sense than the English. Somehow, these drawings make sense to me in that way. I take a certain pleasure in engaging in activities that don’t make a lot of common sense. Like listening to music, for example.

As for the celtic thing, maybe if I was born in a different century, liked to bake bread, didn’t want to see women every day, and was patient and devout, I would have been a monk, and these prints would look more like celtic knotwork.

But I wasn’t.

Nick's work is showcased in the conference room on the mezzanine level.