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Danny Diamond

Ireland: music and landscape  

Twenty-six year old Danny Diamond is a gifted photographer who brings a unique and beautiful vision to his subjects: traditional folk musicians and singers, and the landscape of his home in Dublin, Ireland.  Danny is himself an accomplished traditional fiddler and his musicianship informs his eye and gives the viewer an insider's glimpse into a world in which traditional music is both enchanting and everyday, enduring and ephemeral.  

Though often focusing on individuals, Danny's images are not character portraits per se. Rather than attempting to capture the essence of a person as one does in character portraiture, Danny seems to intuitively capture the essence of the music through the medium of the musician, their instruments and the setting.  Harmonies of light and shadow draw the eye from the human vessel into the room where the music briefly resides. The viewer senses the act of song or tune, and is then inexorably pulled deeper, to the edges, wanting to observe the effect the music has...  Fascination or feigned interest? Is it possible to tell? Ultimately, one comes back to the musical protagonist with the realization that the answers to those questions are irrelevant. 

Danny says of his work, "I particularly enjoy photographing musicians and singers while they are making music and song -  I enjoy the challenge of trying to capture the feeling of being lost in music-making."