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Dakota Dave Hull & Liz Draper, Jan 12

Music starts 7:30. Doors 6:30pm. Advance tickets $15, $18 at the door. 


Opening set by Adam Kiesling.

"Back in the late 1950s and early ‘60s, the days of the folk scare, a lot of records featured the services of an upright bass player. (Actually, both the instrument and the player needed to be upright—no easy feat in those days.) I remember being blown away by Russ Savakus’ bass break on Ian and Sylvia’s Early Morning Rain from the 1965 album of the same name. Simple and perfect. Something about the tone of the instrument has always appealed to me. Lately I’ve been been thinking more and more that it would be fun to record some of my tunes and arrangements as duets with a bassist. Fortunately I didn’t have to look far to find the right musician. Folks who’ve heard my Under the North Star CDs will recognize Liz Draper as the anchor on the group stuff. In these parts it seems she’s always busy doing great music with great folks. Undoubtedly the most in-demand bassist in town. I asked if she was up for another CD with me and she agreed and that was that." - Dakota Dave Hull

I’ve known Dakota Dave Hull for nearly 50 years, and he’s always been a True Believer, as devoted to the community of folk music as he is to his own music. He was flashier in our wilder days (to look at us is to know we never had “salad days”) because young bucks have to prove themselves. He even wore the moniker “Fargo Flash,” a predictor of Dave’s droll gift for the self-mocking boast. Today his playing wears the grace of the master, so sublimely melodic it can shroud his world-class chops. 

What has never changed is the unbridled joy he takes in folk music and the people who love it. There’s a way he peeks over his glasses at the best bits, grinning like a kid, making sure you’re having as much fun as he is. I dare anyone to catch his show and remain in a bad mood. 

But don’t let that fool you. Dave is a towering figure in his field, considered a peer by the finest folk musicians this country has produced, including Doc Watson, Norman Blake, Utah Phillips, Paul Geremia, and Dave Van Ronk, who called him “one of the best guitarists in the world.” 

In his 20th recording, Another Cup, Dave returns to the music that first made him a True Believer, classics from the innocent early days of the folk revival, before folk became a business and our innocence became something else. Sprinkled with a few simpatico originals, the set is given even more ‘60s purity by Liz Draper’s stand-up bass, echoing the supple lines of Russ Savakus and Bill Lee. 

I love Dave for all the gracious ways he’s changed, but even more for the lovely ways he has not. He’s still folk’s Happy Warrior, still a True Believer. 

—Scott Alarik, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2018