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Celtic Junction Arts Center

Best Cultural Center in North America –IrishCentral, 2018

836 Prior Avenue, St. Paul, MN, 55104

A 501(c)(3) organization

Wails from the Cauldron: A Truly Celtic Haunting, Oct 31, Nov 2,3

Performances at 8pm. All tickets purchased at the event.

  • Wednesday, October 31 | meet at BlackStack Brewing $12
  • Friday, November 2 | meet at the mural at the Celtic Junction $10
  • Saturday, November 3 | meet at the mural at the Celtic Junction $10

Phoenix Theatre, the Celtic Junction's resident theatre company, presents an original Halloween show! 

The show blends Celtic and world mythology, folklore, and history in a musical and theatrical revue. It evokes the deep roots and origins of Halloween in the Celtic festival of Samhain and its reshaping through time by Irish immigrants arriving in the nineteenth century.

Designed to capture the creative energy crackling along Prior Avenue itself, the show is completely original in that it literally and figuratively takes its audience on a journey of discovery in a Halloween pilgrimage across three locations: Blackstack Brewery, the mural outside Celtic Junction, and inside the McKiernan Library.

The audience joins the show in the Blackstack Brewery before 8pm on Wednesday, Oct 31, where the portal separating the living and the dead is opened and strange crow-like beings, seers, banshees, poets, and scholars delight with stories, songs, and music. It then moves in a procession across Prior Avenue to the new mural at the Celtic Junction where the music and theatre continues. Then the production finishes up inside the haunted McKiernan library with fireside ghosts and literary tales. 

Created and devised by an ensemble cast of more than a dozen local actors, writers, and musicians (Sarah Kiani, Dan Gleason, Kathy Luby, Eddie Owens, John Concannon, Carrie Finnigan, Susan Kelnberger, Karen Rene Peterson, Tom Jeffers, Courtney Buck, Hannah Rediske, and Michael Sturm), the production is directed by Patrick O'Donnell, Director of Education at Celtic Junction.