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Introduction to the Course of Irish History, Jan 22 - March 12

Mondays 7-8:30pm in the Eoin McKiernan Library. Eight 90 minutes sessions: Jan-March: 1/22; 1/29; 2/5; 2/12; 2/19; 2/26; 3/5; 3/12. $160. To register, contact the teacher, John Davenport, directly at: jbdave50@hotmail.com

A survey class in Irish history for all levels of learners using the classic text, The Course of Irish History in its most recent edition[T.W. Moody and F.X. Martin (et. al.); New York: Rinehart, Roberts Publishers, 2012. 5th edition]. The class will take into account the various perspectives on Ireland's history in a non-ideological and fun manner.

In 1977 Dr. John Davenport founded, and cataloged a significant portion of, the materials constituting the Department of Special Collections in the O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library at the University of St. Thomas. He served as Head of Special Collections 1977-2000 (and Acting Director of Libraries at St. Thomas, 1989-1991). The DSC houses the "Celtic Collection," of roughly 14,000 volumes, assembled from donations made since 1917 by (among others) the Ancient Order of Hibernians of Minnesota, the family of antiquarian Peter O'Connor (a prominent San Francisco businessman), and St. Thomas President Fr. James P. Shannon, who arranged for the acquisition of the scholarly library of Eamonn O'Toole, professor of Irish at Trinity College, Dublin, when the latter died in 1956. The Department also features the Lawrence O’Shaughnessy Collection of Irish Poetry which includes much of the output of the Dolmen Press, the Cuala Press, and the Raven Arts Press; and a collection of early-twentieth century nationalist poetry. Davenport taught courses in modern Irish and British history at St. Thomas and North Central University (Minneapolis), until his retirement in 2017.