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Celtic Junction Arts Center

Best Cultural Center in North America –IrishCentral, 2018

836 Prior Avenue, St. Paul, MN, 55104

A 501(c)(3) organization

Voices from the Famine Ship, Dec 7 and 8

7:30pm. $7 admission. Performances held in the Eoin McKiernan Library (EML).



Old print of two figures, one standing, one kneeling. Both in rags and very thinPresented by the Celtic Collaborative.

The company's actors and writers have collaborated together to create scripts and characters in a uniquely powerful and authentic 'living anthology' format. This production will bring alive the voices that were swept away by the devastating famine that gripped Ireland between 1845-1851. 

The production features Irish nationalists, merchants, farmers, and laborers telling their life stories in both English and Irish. It will also feature a young Queen Victoria, and her Prime Minister, Peel. Characters out of Irish mythology and folklore such as the Selkie and the dread Battle Goddess, the Morrigan, add layers of mythic compassion and foreboding to the medley of voices. This is a wholly original and powerfully authentic piece of devised theatre. And it is the first time a theatre production has been presented in the new McKiernan Library.

Directed by Patrick O'Donnell.